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Dean Braxton TV Interview – Jewish Voice Today: Life Beyond the Grave

TV Show – Life After Death –  Jewish Voice Today TV Show    AIR DATE:  11.10.2014 My role:  Pre-interviewed and cast Dean Braxton for special TV series on the Afterlife. Also Co-wrote script with producer.  Compelling testimonies of people who had NDE experiences. Part 2 in in 7-part series on the Afterlife. Actual script posted in […]

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Feature Story: A Semblance of the Serengeti

Roads to Adventure Magazine: “A Semblance of the Serengeti” Reviewed: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Sample: Feature Article:  A Semblance of the Serengeti (A Press Review of the Opening of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park) Featured In: Roads to Adventure Magazine Target Audience: Busters – Boomers and their children who like to experience the Great Outdoors as a family Download published article at the end of this article or read text-only […]

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Grace Anatomy

Direct-Mail: Impact Postcard, and related products – “Grace Anatomy”

BEST SELLER! “Outstanding design … original, fresh and truthful.” “Original, fresh and truthful…Outstanding design; very catchy.”…’Love this concept…great tie-in to pop culture yet still simple and profound’… “Perfect.” Don’t change a thing…I’ll use this today!… “Beauty growing out of brokenness…love this message.” “Play on words is very imaginative and compelling” The target audience of this […]

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Zulu artisan displaying her creation

Trade as One: Feature Story

“ This story is fantastic! Thanks so much for the obvious hard work and thought you put into this. This will be a huge asset on our site and any time we are telling the AITA story. – Kevin Madsen, VP, Sales & Marketing In the Heart of Zululand, Women Use Wire to Connect in […]

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Amex Travel Planner - Bermuda

Amex Express Travel Planner – Bermuda

  “As always, thanks for doing such a great job with these travel planners…you are a consummate storyteller, We love your work!–-Bob Bates, Creative Director, Bates & Lee  – PRODUCT: Direct Response Travel Planner (Long-Body copy) on Bermuda.  CLIENT: American Express Travel

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Jewish Voice - Anti-Semitism

The New Face of Anti-Semitism by Jenni Keast for Jewish Voice Today

“This is an excellent article Jenni…thanks for a great job on this.” – Jonathan Bernis Article posted on ISSU begins on Page 6.  This is a shortened version of a longer article on this subject that I wrote–or rather “ghost wrote” for Jonathan Bernis, President of Jewish Voice Today.

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Blog: Hope for the Heroes – “Left Behind” & Katie’s Military Wife Survival Guide

Copy: Blog story, “Left Behind” and Katie’s Military Wife Survival Guide: 7 Things You Simply Must Do to Keep Your Soldier–and Yourself–Happy. Client: Hope for the Heroes Ministry    Blog: HOPE FOR HEROES  – BLOG Purpose:  To educate, inform, entertain and provide encouragement to military men and women suffering from PTSD  as well as their […]

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Amex Travel Planner - Jamaica

Amex Travel Planner – Jamaica

Amex Travel Planner – Jamaica Islanders will tell you that Jamaica’s a good place to leave your baggage. Pilgrims often unpack theirs high atop the 140-million year-old Blue Mountains, where, a local “Marleyite” will tell you, you’ll descend from the top of the world changed forever. Jah man, we be tellin’ you. Jamaica is a […]

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My Brazil – Travel copy- Intro written for artist, Wayne Forte featured in his 1999 art catalog

My Brazil An excerpt from my essay on Brazil written for well-known artist, Wayne Forte. This essay, which he hired me to ghostwrite, was featured in the artist’s 1999 art catalog. Brazil, I soon discovered, was a country of abundant contradictions and paradoxes. It seemed to suffer from a national mood disorder. On any […]

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The Cure for the Wandering Eye: A French morality play that should be required viewing this Valentine’s Day

Download 01 When I Fall In Love “A strange metallic voice kept telling him, “You have to rise to this occasion.”-Narrator, Bastille, Paris Je T’Aime  Criticize the French all you want, I defy anyone to match the short feature, *Bastille,  from the film Paris Je T’Aime for a morality tale that affirms the sacrosanctity of […]

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2George & BernieJPG

Faces: The Father of Our Country vs. the King of Con. They Only Look Alike.

Put a ruffled shirt on the man on the right, an axe in his hand and a cherry tree sapling in his backyard and you might even be persuaded to cross the Delaware with this guy—yes, even in the dead of winter, and in a leaky boat no less. Barring a boat ride across the […]

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Building Character in Children: What a Single Mom Learned from Her Daughter About Sports

The Long Green Mile: Some of us get there faster than others. The important thing is to get there. As a single mother there were many things I regretted and one of them was not realizing the potential that high school team sports could have in developing the character of a teenager. Chalk it up […]

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Bill Salus JPG

Jewish Voice: Bill Salus Interview (Part 1): Psalm 83 – Arab-Israel Conflict – Missing Link

Interview with Bill Salus on Jewish Voice Today. Subject: Psalm 83 – Missing link on Bible Prophecy regarding Arab-Israel conflict Co-wrote this TV script with producer. Actual TV script can be downloaded here (separate post):  

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Rolling Stones title page

Like Rolling Stones – Published Feature Cover Story

Published In: Roads to Adventure Magazine  (Text-only, more readable version below.  At end of this text-only version is a Downloadable Published PDF version that includes photos, captions and all sidebars.) Feature Article (Cover story):  Like Rolling Stones:  How does it feel to be on your own. 
With no direction home. 
Like a complete unknown. 
Like […]

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