Direct-Mail: Impact Postcard, and related products – “Grace Anatomy”

BEST SELLER! “Outstanding design … original, fresh and truthful.”

“Original, fresh and truthful…Outstanding design; very catchy.”…’Love this concept…great tie-in to pop culture yet still simple and profound’…

Perfect.” Don’t change a thing…I’ll use this today!… “Beauty growing out of brokenness…love this message.”

“Play on words is very imaginative and compelling”

The target audience of this popular “Grace Anatomy” Impact postcard (as well as related products) was primarily  directed to Gen-Yers and Busters (18-49) … the same demographic targeted by the popular TV show, “Grey’s Anatomy.”  Mailed to over 2. 5 million households (on average) these theme-centered “Impact” Cards were designed to provoke interest among seekers/un-churched/de-churched  members of a community to visit their local church in order to hear a “divinely inspired and socially relevant” message that would help them make sense of their lives.

Product: “Grace Anatomy” Direct Mail Sermon- Series Postcards: I Concepted, designed and wrote copy for this popular series that is still being used by churches years later.

Agency: Outreach Marketing

Client: Pastors of mid-to-mega sized churches throughout the United States

Target Audience: Gen-Y’ers; Gen-Xers; Busters

*Intended Use: Mailer within church’s zip code – used as a sermon-series based church invitational.  Mailed to over 2. 5 million household (on average)

*Disclaimer: Keep in mind that generally speaking, Outreach’s clients are seeker-sensitive churches focused on being more “relevant” to the un-churched communities within their zip codes.  Other churches may not feel in sync with this approach and while both camps may have valid reasons for their views, it is not within the purview of this portfolio to weigh in on one side or the other.

Grace Anatomy Impact Card – (Front view)

Grace Anatomy  (Rear View with my Suggested Text V#1  Ver. #2 –one found in catalog–shown below)

Grace Anatomy Door Hanger and Catalog

Suggested Reverse Text Version #2:

Suggested Headline:

Find Strength to Push Through

Suggested Reverse-side text:

Just like the weak, spindly plant pushes through a hard, cracked surface to find the light it so desperately needs to survive, similarly grace—“God’s spirit operating in humans to regenerate or strengthen them”—enables us to push through a painful past, a precarious present, and, for some, a future that seems past hope.

Is it possible to feel peace, hope and grace, even in the difficult times? Yes, in fact, it’s God’s promise. Join us at (church name) as we explore grace—how we can experience it, extend it to others and see the positive difference that God’s favor can make in our lives.


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