Catalog-Web Content: E-Bay Product Copy – Fun, descriptive copy that sells!

Following are my own eBay product descriptions – written for what was then my own eBay store featuring women’s clothing/home decor from the following stores/designers:

Anthropologie      Free People      Ralph Lauren  &    Vintage Clothing

A word about the catalog-style copy you see on this page. Since this was my own copy–generated for what was then my eBay store there is no uniformity on the specs and/or product descriptions.

The only reason I’m including these copy blocks is to reinforce my ability to write lively and colorful descriptive copy, (with creative headers) particularly in the categories of fashion and home decor. In other words, I was sloppy with the specs––and, for that matter, the descriptions in that the copy were  not always as tight or targeted as it would have been were I writing these copy blocks for a client.

So, SOME copy blocks on this page are strategic and benefit-driven. Others are just for fun–to make them stand out from all the other boring eBay copy. I can tell you that my products usually elicited many bids and sold way above the minimum bid/starting price. I’d like to think my lively, fun-to-read- but-still-mostly strategic copy writing had a little something to do with it.


e-BAY PRODUCT COPY  – Women’s Clothing


Sold in One Day - Good Copy Matters


For More Women’s Clothing samples … these client/prospective client Territory Ahead & Coldwater Creek Samples (combined) download here:

Elsewhere in this portfolio:  Published Outdoor Product Advertorial Review Copy : Toys & BabyColdwater Creek

Catalog Copy Slide Show: 




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