The Senator & The Soda Pop – A Primer on Statistics

Statistics.  Even the sound of that word sounds … well, frankly booooring to us right-brain types who, when we hear the phrase “number crunching”  gleefully envision our high-school math teacher as a cockroach, and our foot the “number crunching” machine.

If the truth be known, statistics can be quite fascinating. I know because I was forced—by sheer necessity—to inhabit that world for a brief period of time while creating a series of demographic briefs titled “Quick Insights” for a company called Percept.

So, when I was called upon to help other non-scientific types get a basic grasp of what statistics were all about, I willingly obliged by using a tool I know best: storytelling.

Following is the primer for statistics for Percept; unfortunately, it’s in text-only form as the published web version had a short shelf  life before it was relegated to the same warehouse that houses the Ark of the Covenant. (A bit of Indiana Jones humor)

So, here it is: The Senator & the Soda Pop: A Primer on Statistics

About seekandfind

I'm a strategic storyteller/copywriter who is divinely wired to be idea-driven, strategic minded & cause motivated.

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