Jews Born Anew – Article on Messianic Judaism

Jews Born Anew – Article on Messianic Judaism

Jews Born Anew
From the most influential Jew that ever lived—Yeshua HaMashiach—to the 12 Jewish
disciples who first called Him Lord … to the 3,000 Jews who were gloriously saved on
the Day of Pentecost….to the 6 Days that changed the world in 1967—resulting in
thousands of Jews accepting Yeshua as their Messiah—Christianity has always been at
its roots, a Jewish faith.

Today, Christians and Jews alike are waking up to that truth, and in doing so, theyʼre
setting the stage for the second Greatest Event in History…

When Maria Weinstein was a little girl growing up in Poland, her mother would
tell her: ‘Be sure that you’re sensitive to God, so if He comes knocking on the door to
take you to the Promised Land, you won’t miss it.'”

Maria never forgot those words—at the age of 10, they carried her through the
living hell of forced containment in a Jewish ghetto during Nazi-occupied Poland, and
still later as she and her sister escaped from the Nazis through the thickly wooded
countryside. Not even the gunning down of Mariaʼs father after he tried in vain to save
her from the soldiersʼ cruelty, nor the slaughter of her mother and baby brother—along
with thousands of other Jewish men, women & children back in the ghetto—could
completely extinguish that hope of salvation.

After months on the run, exhausted, and on the brink of starvation, Maria and her
sister eventually found salvation in the home of a Christian family in a small Polish
village. The family, who less then four years before had lost their own two girls, would
risk their lives to save Maria and her sister—even though it meant an automatic death
sentence for their entire family for doing so. And when the Nazis came to burn down the
house in which both Jew and Gentile huddled tightly together—praying for help from
above—God delivered a miracle. Like Daniel in the fiery pit, the house simply refused to

Today, seven decades after both the horror of losing all—but in the end gaining
back so much more—the physical house that refused to burn has become the spiritual
“house” that will not stop burning.  Like Job who refused to “curse God and die,” Maria
Weinstein had, on that fateful day, opened the door to her long-awaited Messiah—
Yeshua—forever in debt to a kind of love that would risk losing everything to save two

Itʼs an all-consuming fire that has spread through 85-year-old Mariaʼs four
children and twelve grandchildren— leaving a legacy of love, hope & forgiveness that
will long outlive—and outnumber—the evil that men do.


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