Nick Vujicic -Life Without Limbs 2 min Radio Spot – “Chucky”

Radio Spot: 2-Minute Inspirational Radio spot  – written for Nick Vujicic, motivational novakdjokovicfoundationinauguraldinner4u7kpq_cacblspeaker, evangelist

Title:               “Chucky”
Airdate:          August 25, 2015
Program:         #907
Agency:          Roger Kemp & Co.

Produced radio spot – click here
Note: On audio, “Chucky” begins at Count: 34

Read chucky script here … Or read below

SCRIPT:  (Note: On audio, “Chucky” begins at count 34 – promo comes first)

What do you think of when you hear the name, “Chucky?” A kids’ pizza parlor? Or a creepy horror film? I think of a school bully.

Hi, I’m Nick Vujicic at Life Without Limbs dot org.

I called my arch nemesis Chucky. He was my tormentor. And …hard to believe … but he was also God’s gift to me. He was older and bigger, and he had something I lacked … arms and legs.

Still, when Chucky declared, “Betcha can’t fight,” I replied, “Bet ya I can.” About two- dozen schoolmates showed up that dreaded day.

Girls cried. But I didn’t want no “girl pity.”

What I wanted was some limbs … because I had no clue as to how I could fight without them.

As it turned out, I had an advantage … a strong neck, speed, and the element of surprise.

So I did the impossible … I knocked Chucky down—head butting him and making his nose bleed. Humiliated, he never picked on me again.

Chucky, if you’re out there, all I can say is “I’m sorry …and I hope you’ve had a good post-bully life.”

This incident taught me that fear is just F.E.A.R: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Chucky appeared to be a much larger foe than he actually was. Just like the giant, Goliath, appeared to be much larger against a small shepherd boy. But God gave David, the skill, experience and divine strategy to defeat this much bigger bully.

God’s given you the same. Against your enemies—seen or unseen—you really can trust God when He says in Isaiah 41, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today.

WORD COUNT: 287 words
Writer: JK
Source: Unstoppable


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