Amex Travel Planner – Jamaica

Amex Travel Planner – Jamaica

Islanders will tell you that Jamaica’s a good place to leave your baggage. Pilgrims often unpack theirs high atop the 140-million year-old Blue Mountains, where, a local “Marleyite” will tell you, you’ll descend from the top of the world changed forever. Jah man, we be tellin’ you. Jamaica is a breathtaking and overpowering kind of place. Filled with hidden verdant valleys and ponderous peaks so spectacular that the first sight of them moved early explorers to such hyperbole as “I do believe I have glimpsed Eden.”

Product: Direct-Mail Piece on Jamaica (Long-body copy)
Client: American Express Travel
Target Market: American Express Cardholders
Agency: Bates & Lee Advertising
Tone: Sophisticated, witty and lively for the high-end traveler.  Demonstrates my gift for storytelling and descriptive prose.

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There was a time winter-weary New Englanders jumped banana boats and braved days on the ocean just to soak up the soothing Jamaican sun.  The means for going there have changed. The need for going there remains every bit the same.

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COME TO JAMAICA – it’s jammin’ mon!

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Mystical, magical, musical . . . Jamaica is full of ethereal surprises. More Talcum-powdered beaches than you can comb in a lifetime. Shafts of sunlight slicing through dark clouds that roll over gorges like slumbering giants. A lobster-red sun ascending on the Caribbean horizon like an invading alien orb. And that’s only the daytime sensations. No telling what will happen when you and the night and the music merge.

Islanders will tell you that Jamaica’s a good place to leave your baggage. Pilgrims often unpack theirs high atop the 140-million year-old Blue Mountains, where, a local “Marleyite” will tell you, you’ll descend from the top of the world changed forever. Jah man, we be tellin’ you. Jamaica is a breathtaking and overpowering kind of place. Filled with hidden verdant valleys and ponderous peaks so spectacular that the first sight of them moved early explorers to such hyperbole as “I do believe I have glimpsed Eden.”

Centuries later, winter-weary New Englanders (Can you relate?) hopped on banana boats and made the long arduous trek just to drench themselves in Jamaica’s warm, incandescent beauty. Fortunately Air Jamaica is a faster way for you to escape to Jamaica these days. Choose to go while the cold still has its last icy grasp on you, or during the summer months when there are fewer footprints in the sand. Whichever option you choose, American Express Travel invites you to leave the ordinary and experience the extraordinary in Jamaica.

On the pages of this vacation planner you’ll find the details on special package values to many of Jamaica’s most desirable hotels & resorts, plus additional savings that you’ll enjoy only when you use your American Express® Card.

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Roughly the size of Connecticut, Jamaica is the third largest of the 51 inhabited islands in the Caribbean. Rightly famous for its endless beaches and hypnotic music, beautiful, brash Jamaica is much more besides. There’s certainly plenty of white sand, turquoise sea and swaying palm trees, but there’s also an amazing amount to see away from the coast: spectacular mountains and rivers, tumbling waterfalls, and intermittent cactus-strewn plains. The towns and cities, meanwhile, affirm that the island is far more than just a tourist attraction. KINGSTON Urbanites will thrive on the capital city of Jamaica’s non-stop creative energy. Music, dance, theater, art—so much of the island’s best of each are here. The amazing Blue Mountains are nearby. MONTEGO BAY True to Jamaicans’ propensity to parcel out words in a charmingly abbreviated fashion, the locals call this city, “MoBay,” though Columbus, who anchored off its sandy shore some 500 years ago, saw much MoBay, but less people. Now Montego Bay is the island’s teeming tourism capital—one that offers a wide choice of world-class resorts and amenities to help you enjoy its noisy, loose and lively Caribbean charm to the fullest. NEGRIL If life’s a beach, then Negril is life everlasting. Seven faultless miles of white sand await sun and surf worshippers in this former hippie hamlet (though now bigger and glitzier) that’s decidedly more hedonistic than other parts of Jamaica. OCHO RIOS (“Ochi”) Love boaters disembark here looking for more love—and manic shopping—in all the right places. Besides being a major cruise port and resort center, it’s also the home of Dunn’s River Falls, probably the most photographed spot in the nation. PORT ANTONIO If you want to be in like Flynn, you’ll have to head over to this unspoiled paradise and see for yourself why Hollywood’s most boisterous buccaneer bought his own 60-acre fantasy island—just off the peninsula. This is northwestern Jamaica at its most unhurried—and pristine. SOUTH COAST A natural feast for the senses, the wild Central Highlands is an entirely different Jamaica. It’s also the island’s most newly discovered, and most serene, tourist frontier. The region’s capital city of Mandeville looks like a proper turn-of-the-century British village, but outside its borders lies a highly explorable, untamed wilderness.

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“Get yo’ sweet juicy mangos darlin’” cries the larger-than-life market woman just outside your hotel. You accept her invitation and take a bite. But, of course, there’s much more to Jamaica than jovial market women selling delectable fruit. It’s a country with a swagger in its step—proud of its history, sporting success and musical genius, Jamaicans are as renowned for being sharp, sassy and straight-talking as they are laid-back and hip. (After all, the first people of Jamaica—the Arawaks—actually coined the words “hammock” and “barbecue”—the symbols of laid-back people everywhere.) Friendly,  funny, opinionated, talented, deeply philosophical and nearly impossible to forget.  That’s an islander.

That’s why it would be a shame for any traveler to Jamaica to only stay within the confines of their hotel. Besides its people and spectacular natural beauty, there’s something just wonderfully comforting to look at wherever you go. A viridian  butterfly. A bare-legged child skipping down a dirt road. Unique strains of imported orchids, ferns, bromeliads, and varieties of fruit (like the Bombay mango) that don’t flourish anywhere else in the Western  Hemisphere. Almost everything grows in Jamaica—and Jamaica, it seems, has an uncanny way of growing on you.

Everyone sets his or her own pace in Jamaica. That’s the beauty of it. The question is not what can you do on the island, but what can’t you do. Adventure seekers here are rewarded with a lifetime of adrenaline rushes. Conquer Jamaica’s highest peak (7,402 feet), where  on a clear day you might see the island nation of Cuba. Get your urban fix in Kingston  then  walk (or bicycle) a blue streak up and around spectacular Blue Mountains. Cliff dive 40 feet  into the wet embrace of the Caribbean. Raft on the Rio Grande. Rappel into Quashie River Sink Cave in Trelawny, or for the less daring, wander aimlessly about the honeycomb of over 1,100 other limestone caverns. And if you want a vacation with a porpoise, trade bottleneck traffic for Bottlenosed Dolphins at Ocho Rios Dolphin Cove.

To go far from the madding crowd there are all kinds of places where watches seem, well gauche. Treasure Beach is one of those places. The greatest treasure there is doing nothing.  And if you’re in search of the perfect beach (aren’t we all?) on an island that already has near-perfect weather all year round, you might just find it at Frenchman’s Cove in Port Antonio. Take a sip of some refreshing coconut water or try some famous  Jamaican rum or favored Red Stripe beer. Swing on a rope over jade-covered pools, hoist yourself up on a horse and yell, “Yee, haw!” all around the island, or picnic near one of the ten waterfalls just 20 miles outside of picture-perfect Mandeville.

For travelers seeking real family values, there are plenty of  child-friendly resorts that include, or refer you to, planned  activities and adventurous excursions, guaranteeing your  offspring won’t get bored. Looking for more grown-up adventures? Dance the night away at The Roof Club in Port  Antonio, where they’ll give you cocktails you’ve never heard  of. Or plan on putting on the ritz in any one of the many upscale clubs where the mesmerizing sounds of reggae and calypso music will help you get your groove back.  Then sleep it off until noon when you’ll be ready to do  some more “clubbing” at any one of the Caribbean’s top  golf destinations.


It’s so easy to go to Jamaica. Air Jamaica, the preferred  airline for many Caribbean travelers, will transport you in  true Jamaican style. They offer non-stop and direct flights to both Kingston and Montego Bay from many East Coast  cities, plus other national and European cities. And Air Jamaica’s modern and efficient fleet of aircraft is one of the newest in the Caribbean.

Here’s more good news. American Express Cardmembers who book their Jamaican vacation  with American Express Travel and pay with the Card can receive exclusive savings, PLUS DOUBLE Membership Rewards® points, a year’s subscription to Travel + Leisure magazine, and  a Vacation Values Card with even more savings!

So, mon, wad you be waitin’ for? For decades travelers to this spectacular island have become  bewitched. Not just by its profound natural beauty and rich, authentic culture, but by a hundred  little things that beckon you back—time and time again. Fishermen bringing in their catch in  gaily-colored pirogues. The hypnoticlure of calypso. The blue, lime-green, and shocking pink houses of the villages. Hummingbirds that alight on your hand feeling like dandelion puffs… you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more captivating aura and mood, nor a more lovely people.  Truly, Jamaica is a land that you never leave behind.


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