About Me

Jenny with the Orange Hair – portrait by artist/friend Wayne Forte

My Writing Style:

General: Witty, warm, conversational, lively, persuasive, inspiring and sophisticated (without being elitist).  Occasionally even intelligent.

Marketing:  Conversational, persuasive, lively (when called for) and benefit-driven.  I write to get results, not to amuse myself or convince someone of my point of view. (I do that elsewhere.) My specialty is storytelling—be that in the form of editorial writing, client testimonials, case histories, fund-raising letters or advertorial feature stories.

I also excel at writing long body copy for travel planners as well as short, snappy  & highly readable catalog copy/product reviews—particularly for the high-end, luxury market. You also won’t find a more tenacious dog-on-a-bone researcher who,  as a former employer once remarked, “… finds those hidden nuggets of gold in what would otherwise be commonplace stories.”

SKIP AND CLICK: In a hurry to hire? Skip my life story and go straight to my writing samples.  Search by category.  Unless, of course, you have a need of being greatly amused, and only mildly informed. If so, then by all means…read on.

My World View:

My mother: an extrovert/society dame/writer. My  father: an introvert/dreamer/thinker.  My fate: unavoidable.

Spawned from  decidedly right-brain parentage (with all its ensuing drama), early on I acquired some important survival skills—like,  for example,  taking life seriously but not myself. No doubt, that is why in pretty much every endeavor I embody the Donald O’Connor philosophy of life: “Make ‘em Laugh” while, at the same time, strive to communicate what I consider as essential can’t-go-throughout-life-without-knowing universal truths.

Disavowing the acerbic wit adopted by certain political pundits (of both parties) who often seem to love hearing the sound of their own voice, yet invariably serve only to preach to the choir (effectively alienating those seeking souls who might otherwise be open to their point of view), I describe myself as being conservative in values, liberal in compassion.

My Work Chronology

Like most people,  I started out life as a small child. (Badda bing.)  After graduating from a home for delinquent girls in Las Vegas, NV (yes, really), I landed my  first working gig: a drama counselor at a camp for poor little discarded rich kids in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. (Being a former poor little discarded rich girl myself, I could relate to their plight.)

There, with the  fathomless blue waters & ponderous peaks of Lake Tahoe as my backdrop, I occupied my time staging world-class theatrical performances on a shoestring budget.   (“World-class”being a relative term.)

Fast forward many years later where I nabbed my first grown-up job out of college: Junior copywriter at a boutique ad agency. It was there I wrote my first ad campaign: a kind of “California Happy Cows” spot that featured two cows standing in a field, arguing over who was more deserving of ending up as an Arby’s roast beef sandwich.

Unfortunately, while clever, the idea of cows chewing their cud as they waxed philosophical about their inevitable fate ( becoming someone’s lunch) wasn’t warmly embraced with account execs.  Thankfully, through that failure, I learned the value of putting the need of the client (or customer) above my need for creative amusement.

But I digress. Fast forward years later where I embarked upon my first foray into La-La land:  TV script writing (including a sitcom pilot); celebrity booker/production assistant for a major game show then finally, casting director for several production companies.  I soon jumped over to the other side of the camera and started working as a commercial actress —pitching everything from cereal to pizza to bank services to trips to Ireland (where I initially faked being Irish so I could work with Ed McMahon).

Lorn and begorn it wasn’t Shakespeare, but the residuals would have made even King Lear a happy man.

Marriage and kids soon came along, cutting short my promising career as a TV pitch woman.  A decade later, finding myself suddenly single, I morphed into yet another promising career: that of editor/writer for a travel magazine. Preferring to do at least some of my work out of the office so that I could enjoy life in the Great Outdoors a lá George Plimpton style, I truly embodied the spirit of the fledgling publication, titled, appropriately, Roads to Adventure.

Most Recent Work … and Vision

In recent years, I have worked tirelessly to help non-profits—particularly humanitarian organizations—raise donor dollars through the art of strategic storytelling. (See my storytelling philosophy.) Storytelling is the mother’s milk of any truly successful fund-raising strategy and it’s that same gift I one day plan on making the anchor of a unique niche travel magazine titled: Go Beyond.

It’s a unique vision that asks—and answers in a powerful way via the medium of  powerful storytelling & stunning visuals—the Big Question:

Where is God in the world today?

Good question, don’t  you think?  (Christopher Hitchens would agree.)



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