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(1) Hope for the Heroes:

About: A  fledgling blog I created for Hope for the Heroes,  a ministry of Center for Bible Engagement/BTTB. This ministry still exists in name,  but as I am no longer with this ministry the blog has gone static.  Too bad. It was a great cause: Combating PTSD in our returning soldiers.

Genre: Op-ed, Advocacy Journalism  – Since the blog was monitored by the powers that be, I wasn’t completely free; aka, express my personal opinion as completely as I would have were this my own blog.

Writing style: Conversational (often first-person – blog style), witty, thought-provoking, sometimes provocative.

(2) BTTB: Hall of Fame Stories: (Not launched) Great potential for this site but no money in this non-profit’s budget forced this blog out before it even got started. My idea was to conduct in-depth interviews with the people impacted by the work of this non-profit and post their stories of transformation on a separate site  (from their main site ) in order to provide a way for donors to make that all-important heart connection to the ministry.  Why?  Because they would read about all the lives that their donors dollars were helping to transform.

As I always say in fund raising, “People give with emotions, then justify it with logic.” – John Caples

(3) Much Ado about Everything – My personal, social commentary blog that, frankly, I haven’t had time to keep up.  Once I finish this long and tedious task of revamping my portfolio, I’ll have more time to devote to (a) my personal blogging and (b) launching my own travel publication, Go Beyond.

Coming in 2011:

Go Beyond: An inspirational  blog that will serve as the leaping off point for my travel publication, Go Beyond.


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