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Buyamba – Welcome/Thank-You Letter to New Donors (includes comparison to original) – Pro-Bono

I was given a New Donor Welcome Letter to rewrite, which I did making, I believe, some significant improvements.  You be the judge. 🙂 AFTER – MY REWRITE BEFORE – EXISTING NEW DONOR LETTER THAN NEEDED SOME HELP.   Read more Buyamba Uganda Samples: Buyamba Uganda – Life Happens Here – Pro Bono Newsletter Story […]

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Buyamba Uganda – Life Happens Here (Pro Bono Newsletter Story)

My personal observation as a first-time visitor to a disadvantaged community in Kampala, Uganda. Download PDF of newsletter or read text-only version below. Buyamba Newsletter     Life Happens Here I could not have anticipated how life-changing my journey to this colorful and captivating country would be. Within every inch of every dirt road, life […]

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Donor Newsletters – “Connections” – 4 Feature Stories

Product:  Donor Newsletters – (4)  Brief inspirational and/or informational stories targeted to ministry donors Client:   Center for Bible Engagement/CBE Target Audience: Donors – Busters, Boomers & Builders   Donor Newsletter: Feb-Mar -2010 Feature Articles: Joseph’s Journal and  Eternal Hope in Japan Donor Newsletter – April/May 2010 Feature Article:  Love Like Jesus Donor Newsletter -August/September 2010 […]

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