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Protected: Focal Point Ministries – (Mike Fabarez) – January 2017 General Appeal Letter

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Caravan Outpost Airstream Hotel: The “Silver Bullet” Express to Your Next Ojai Adventure

The Caravan Outpost Airstream Hotel:  The “Silver Bullet” Express to Your Next Ojai Adventure By Jenni Keast Who doesn’t love an Airstream trailer? Not many. And over the last 85 years, there’s been plenty of them to love. With fondly bestowed nicknames like Silver Bullet, Silver Burrito, Silver Twinkie and Toaster-on-Wheels, the iconic silver streamlined Airstream […]

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The Bridges of SoCal: A Bridge Too Far, a Bridge to Nowhere and a Bridge “The Bard” Would Love

Travel article published in the Spring 2017 edition of Southern California Life Magazine. A Bridge Too Far, a Bridge to Nowhere and a Bridge “The Bard” Would Love by Jenni Keast Most people love bridges, though they can’t always tell you why. Perhaps it has something to do with the euphoric feeling of “lift off”—however tame the ascent or short the […]

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“Say ‘Bully’ to Your Bullies” – Nick Vujicic, Life Without Limbs 2- min motivational radio spot

Title: “Say ‘Bully” to Your Bullies Airdate:           September 22, 2015 Program:          #927 Client: Nick Vujicic, Life without Limbs Agency: Roger Kemp & Co. AUDIO FILE: “Say ‘Bully” to Your Bullies              The day that President Theodore Roosevelt died he had no idea that he was seriously ill. Hi, I’m Nick Vujicic at Life Without […]

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BTTB Fundraising Appeal Package: “Life in Color”

Product: Oct’ 10 Appeal Letter – Dr. Rodkey’s Story and BTTB Calendar “Pitch”    Title: Life in Color Client:  CBE/BTTB Theme: Just like you, this scripture-based, inspirational calendar is a work of art Life in Color – Reply Device : Imagine a World without Color.  Yawn. Now that Would Be Boring. This is the real sell […]

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