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Click here to read the PUBLISHED (with photos) story here. (Pages 46-50) For the text-only version read below: Eric Mukes: Fire Captain, Ventura City Fire Department At five years of age, Eric Mukes knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up: The Lone Ranger. After all, the guy rode around on a […]

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Click here to read published version (with photos) on Cloudup or read text-only version below: Castaway Couture: SoCal’s Designer Resale and Vintage Clothing Boutiques by Jenni Keast Ever wonder what happens when moneyed fashionistas grow weary of their $12,000 vintage 60s Chanel gown or their $1,200 Valentino Garavani “Russian Ballet” scarf? Or when a washed-up career sends celebs from […]

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Serra Retreat, Malibu: The Place that Preaches Peace (SoCal Life Magazine)

Serra Retreat: The Place That Preaches Peace  – Hidden among multi-million-dollar mansions in idyllic Malibu lays a historical gem that’s a virtual secret … even to some of its closest neighbors.  –  by Jenni Keast Click here to read this article published in the Sept-Oct issue of Southern California Life Magazine on Cloudup or read […]

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The Caravan Outpost Airstream Hotel: The “Silver Bullet” Express to Your Next Ojai Adventure

The Caravan Outpost Airstream Hotel:  The “Silver Bullet” Express to Your Next Ojai Adventure By Jenni Keast Who doesn’t love an Airstream trailer? Not many. And over the last 85 years, there’s been plenty of them to love. With fondly bestowed nicknames like Silver Bullet, Silver Burrito, Silver Twinkie and Toaster-on-Wheels, the iconic silver streamlined Airstream […]

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The Bridges of SoCal: A Bridge Too Far, a Bridge to Nowhere and a Bridge “The Bard” Would Love

Travel article published in the Spring 2017 edition of Southern California Life Magazine. A Bridge Too Far, a Bridge to Nowhere and a Bridge “The Bard” Would Love by Jenni Keast Most people love bridges, though they can’t always tell you why. Perhaps it has something to do with the euphoric feeling of “lift off”—however tame the ascent or short the […]

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Zulu artisan displaying her creation

A Thing of Beauty: Trade as One: Feature Story (Pro Bono)

“ This story is fantastic! Thanks so much for the obvious hard work and thought you put into this. This will be a huge asset on our site and any time we are telling the AITA story. – Kevin Madsen, VP, Sales & Marketing A Thing of Beauty In the Heart of Zululand, Women Use […]

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Roads to Adventure Magazine: “A Semblance of the Serengeti” Reviewed: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Sample: Feature Article:  A Semblance of the Serengeti (A Press Review of the Opening of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park) Featured In: Roads to Adventure Magazine Target Audience: Busters – Boomers and their children who like to experience the Great Outdoors as a family Download published article at the end of this article or read text-only […]

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Like Rolling Stones – Feature Cover Story

Published In: Roads to Adventure Magazine  (Text-only, more readable version below.  At end of this text-only version is a Downloadable Published PDF version that includes photos, captions and all sidebars.) Feature Article (Cover story):  Like Rolling Stones:  How does it feel to be on your own. 
With no direction home. 
Like a complete unknown. 
Like […]

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Taking on Taos – Published Feature Cover Travel Story

Published In: Roads to Adventure Magazine Feature Article (Cover story):  Taking on Taos: No longer just a mecca for expert skiers and art lovers, tantalizing Taos, New Mexico, boasts four family-friendly ski areas—all within minutes of each other. Target Audience:  Young families who camp and RV (but not like their parents). Journalistic Style:  Participatory – […]

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