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The Elegant Cowgirl – Product Review/Catalog

“I’d like to see the country the way it was, ” says the cowgirl. We pretty much agree. Like the way we used to talk to friends and family back home; a time without the ubiquitous email where frenzied and choppy sentences now express what we used to say with more thoughts behind our words. […]

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Catalog/Advertorial Outdoor Product Reviews-(with added Benefit-Driven Headers)

 Ten Top Outdoor Product Reviews (some with added benefit-driven headers)  Style of copy (whether catalog or catalog-style copy) falls largely into these catalog copy writing categories:  “You-You-You”; “Quietly Upscale Descriptive” “Jes Folks”  “Narrative” “Image all the Way” and/or “Snob Appeal.” * The following advertorial product reviews (close cousin to catalog copy) were originally published in […]

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