Client Testimonials

“Let another man praise you and not your own lips.”

“As always, thanks for your great job on these American Express Travel Planners … we love your work!”- Bob Bates, Creative Director, Bates & Lee Advertising

“Outstanding creative … dead on!! You’ve given us a rich vein to mine. Your contributions directly fuel our current thinking and direction and expand our potential copy ideas on promoting Dr. Stanley’s Living the Extraordinary Life lifetime legacy book [Dr. Charles Stanley is a N.Y. Times best-selling author].  Thanks so much for your very apparent commitment to this project.” – Jack Norman, Director of Marketing, In Touch Ministries.

“ This story is fantastic! Thanks so much for the obvious hard work and thought you put into this story for our blog. This will be a huge asset on our site and any time we are telling the AITA story.” – Kevin Madsen, Sales & Marketing, Trade as One

“Outstanding”… one of the best appeal letters I’ve seen in all my years as a fund raiser.” – Art Figursky, Fund Raising Guru & Executive Development Consultant, The Master’s Consulting Services (Re: Melissa’s Story – Generational Appeal Package, written for Center for Bible Engagement/BttB)

“You’ve done a wonderful job of writing these appeal letters for the Union Rescue Missions … your storytelling abilities are top-notch!” – Kathy Wimbash, Creative Supervisor, Russ Reid Company

“ Jenni shows great creative ability. Her talent for coming up with solutions while under pressure has proven valuable to our team … her desire to get the job done with the highest level of competence is evident with each project assigned. I highly recommend her. – Paul Peixoto, President, The Serra Group, speaker training company for major pharmaceutical companies.

Former Employers:

“Jenni’s contributions to our travel magazine were significant: energetic articles, useful and cleverly written new product reviews, special-sections projects and book reviews—all written in a voice that communicated with our readership.” – Barbara Leonard, Affinity Group Publishing.

“We were highly impressed with her ability to make the content readable, entertaining and enriching at the same time.” – Tom Hoyt, Vice-President Marketing Communications, Percept Group.

“Jenni, a compliment from Art [see above testimonial from Art Figursky] is a major league kind of thing.  He was BTTB’s Mr. Development  for years.  In his prime he raised more $$$ then all of the other guys combined.  So that is an awesome vote of confidence … not that I thought any differently but it is nice to know when other people realize the ability you bring to the table.  Again glad you are on board. “ – Arnie Cole, CEO – Center for Bible Engagement/Back to the Bible

“Jenni led a colossal effort in the production of 20,000 fresh, well-researched product copy descriptions in a very short period of time … her creative group mounted a superhuman effort in terms of both volume and quality of their input. She did this by developing strong morale and productivity on her team—both staff and consultants—who all worked hard and smart. This was no small feat … Jenni showed astute judgment in when to push and when to exercise patience. In short, she was a strong leader in the unfamiliar, extremely demanding world of e-commerce.” – Marcia Watson, E-Commerce Producer, Alta Vista, Shopping.Com

“Tenacious researcher … continues digging until rewarded with the kind of rich nuggets that brings otherwise mundane stories to life.” –Tom Hoyt, Vice-President Marketing Communications, Percept Group.

“Great story, excellent feedback, without a doubt these stories are a valuable part of our site.” – Peter Wennett, Senior Vice-President, Percept

“Both the QuickStory and Quick Insight articles are great. They both show a great deal of creativity. Good work! Very Impressive” – Mike Regele, President, Percept

“I just finished reading the “Bethlehem Story,” & want to tell you ‘Congratulations’ on such a fine article. I know Snecksville very well; the fact that you did this interview via phone calls is absolutely amazing to me! I can’t believe you weren’t there in person.  You had a “keen grasp” for the area, as it is EXACTLY the way you described the location, etc. I’m sure many people who read this story will identify with the cast of characters in one way or another, just as I did. You did a great job of telling their story & I say, well-done  and thank you very much for your invaluable contribution to Percept.”– Suzanne Wennett, Church Consultant, Percept

Feedback from Percept’s clients

“Great reading! You’ve done a magnificent job with these stories … they’re very well done. Without a doubt, these stories probably carry the most weight in terms of our churches keeping the Percept program.” – Joan Nelson, Church Growth Consultant and Facilitator for the ELCA.

“Wow! You’ve done well with this: “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a grabber, to say the least! Thank you for your good work and excellent writing! – Karl Lusk, Missioner, Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky

A Call to Arms is an awesome, awesome story . . .I think you’ve done more in one story to inject spiritual energy into this church than I’ve been able to do in three years worth of my sermons. The people in our African-American congregation are very excited!” – Reverend L. Bryant Parker, New Hampton Presbyterian Church.

“Your stories have proved to be excellent discussion starters for and with our local church leaders.” – Jose Diaz-Rodriquez, Metropolitan Chicago Synod

“ Thanks! Great article! Good Job! I really appreciate the time you took for research and detail you reported … it is dead-on accurate and conveys the heart of our journey! Good job!” – Rev. Scott Allen, Rector, St. Elizabeths Church

“Inspiring and informative story! Very helpful.” – Reverend Susan Davidson, Fayetteville United Methodist Church

“It’s incredible what God can do to restore a community from ruins. This probably would not have happened had the church not reached out to the community. Many organizations are only looking for the bottom-line dollars to be made. This story [It’s a Wonderful Life] was a refreshing encouragement for me and my endeavors with a likewise small church.”– Reverend Robert I. Kreger, Avoca and Ruby United Methodist Church.

“Outstanding!!!” – Reverend Karl S. Andersen, Covenant Christian & Urbandale United Church of Christ

“Great story. Thanks! We’re facing similar issues here, as I’m sure others around the country are. I pray that our experiences will be as effective.” – Kathy, Todos los Hijos de Dios Lutheran Church

“Keep up this tremendous and invaluable new resource of Link2Lead!!!!” – Reverend Dr. Charles G. Yopst, D.Min., D.T.R Interim Pastor, Presbyterian (USA) & Hospital Chaplain

“Great … an inspiration. I’m passing it [A Call to Arms] on to our folks.” – Jim Pederson, Advent Lutheran Church CA

Your story, Merged for Mission was very insightful and thought provoking.” – Reverend LaVert Jones, Knox Presbyterian Church



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