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Catalog-Web Content: E-Bay Product Copy – Fun, descriptive copy that sells!

Following are my own eBay product descriptions – written for what was then my own eBay store featuring women’s clothing/home decor from the following stores/designers: Anthropologie      Free People      Ralph Lauren  &    Vintage Clothing A word about the catalog-style copy you see on this page. Since this was my own copy–generated for what was then my […]

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Catalog: Women’s Clothing/Home Decor: Coldwater Creek

Following includes Text-Only Version of Women’s Clothing Catalog Copy written for: Coldwater Creek The style of catalog copy writing in this section fits one or more of the following types: ⌘  Quietly upscale descriptive  ⌘  Narrative   ⌘   Snob Appeal  ⌘  Image All the Way  ⌘   You, You, You  ⌘  Jes’ Folks COLDWATER CREEK – […]

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