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Amex Travel Planner – Jamaica

Amex Travel Planner – Jamaica Islanders will tell you that Jamaica’s a good place to leave your baggage. Pilgrims often unpack theirs high atop the 140-million year-old Blue Mountains, where, a local “Marleyite” will tell you, you’ll descend from the top of the world changed forever. Jah man, we be tellin’ you. Jamaica is a […]

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Percept: Link2Lead – Quick Insights – “Singles Get Hitched to Suburbs”

Sample: Quick Insights: “Singles Get Hitched to Suburbs” – Just one in a series of demographic briefs written for pastors and other church leaders Client: Percept Demographics (Link2Lead)  Read all QuickInsights (I wrote most, but not all, of these) To read engaging feature stories/testimonials based on in-depth interview with Percept’s clients (pastors and other church […]

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Web Advertorial: Home Decor – Feature Story: From Boring to Beautiful … Bella Notte’s Linens are Transforming the Bedroom

From Boring to Beautiful…Belle Notte’s Linens are Transforming the Bedroom If your bedroom doubles as your bored room, then it’s time to change your linens. California bedding designer Kathleen McCoy has the answer for those decoratingdeficient doldrums: luxury linens that bring the outdoors inside. McCoy mutters the mantra of the new millennium: Simplify. Make home […]

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