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Amex Express Travel Planner – Bermuda

“As always, thanks for doing such a great job with these travel planners…you are a consummate storyteller, We love your work!–-Bob Bates, Creative Director, Bates & Lee  – PRODUCT: Direct Response Travel Planner (Long-Body copy) on Bermuda.  CLIENT: American Express Travel

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Travel Stories 200-500 words: Easy Escapes: Moose Mainea – L.L. Bean’s Moose Photography Weekend

If you love animals with big ears and soulful eyes, pack up the family and your camera and head to Greenville, Maine for Moose Mainea Month. The seventh annual event, scheduled for May 16 to June 6, features wildlife watching, canoe races, a rowing regatta, mountain bike races and a family fun day. For more […]

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