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Amex Express Travel Planner – Bermuda

“As always, thanks for doing such a great job with these travel planners…you are a consummate storyteller, We love your work!–-Bob Bates, Creative Director, Bates & Lee  – PRODUCT: Direct Response Travel Planner (Long-Body copy) on Bermuda.  CLIENT: American Express Travel Advertisements

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Zulu artisan displaying her creation

A Thing of Beauty: Trade as One: Feature Story (Pro Bono)

“ This story is fantastic! Thanks so much for the obvious hard work and thought you put into this. This will be a huge asset on our site and any time we are telling the AITA story. – Kevin Madsen, VP, Sales & Marketing A Thing of Beauty In the Heart of Zululand, Women Use […]

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The Elegant Cowgirl – Product Review/Catalog

“I’d like to see the country the way it was, ” says the cowgirl. We pretty much agree. Like the way we used to talk to friends and family back home; a time without the ubiquitous email where frenzied and choppy sentences now express what we used to say with more thoughts behind our words. […]

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Direct-Mail: Impact Postcard, and related products – “Grace Anatomy”

BEST SELLER! “Outstanding design … original, fresh and truthful.” “Original, fresh and truthful…Outstanding design; very catchy.”…’Love this concept…great tie-in to pop culture yet still simple and profound’… “Perfect.” Don’t change a thing…I’ll use this today!… “Beauty growing out of brokenness…love this message.” “Play on words is very imaginative and compelling” The target audience of this […]

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